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BodyRubs $100/hr
Relaxation and the relief of depression, pain control and reduced heart-rate and anxiety, we provide 24/7 outcall massage service in the boro of Manhattan and Queens. Candles and oils are used during sessions, so relax and release your stress with a good body rub, Call Now For Appointment # 212-804-8360

Swedish Massage $100/hr
Swedish massage promotes healing and blood flow, this gentle form of massage uses long strokes and deep circular movements that helps to relax and energize you, also it lowers blood pressure and reduce stress by lowering the heart rate, and lower the risk of having a stroke or heart attack or kidney failure, and also can boost the immune system by reducing the amount of cortisol, known also as stress hormone release in body. Our masseuses offer 24 hour Swedish massage in Queens, NY and NY, NY. Call now for a Swedish Massage # 212-804-8360.

Deep Tissue Massage $100/hr
Great for easing muscle tension, our masseuses exert more pressure to reach deep layers of muscle. Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that concentrates on deep layers of muscle and fascia in your body, with deep finger pressure and slow and strong strokes, and it is very effective for relieving pains and muscle tensions, easing stress. Call now for a Deep Tissue Massage # 212-804-8360.

Out Call Massage $140/hr
Out Call Massage, also known as traveling massage, provides one of our massage therapists comes to your door 24/7. No more worrying about traffic, we come to your home, hotel room, or office. We strive to bring you the best massage experience possible. An out call massage reduces the stress of traveling. Call now for an Out Call Massage # 212-804-8360.

Home Massage $140/hr
Are you looking for a relaxing spa treatment without having to leave your house? An In-Home Massage Session lets you enjoy relaxation similar to that of the best spas in NYC without having to go to a spa all at the convenience of your home, and no driving after wards or getting stuck in traffic. Call now for a Home Massage # 212-804-8360.

Couples Massage $100/hr per person
Couples can opt for a more intimate setting by availing of our couples massage service. We provide candles and other add-ons, which are available upon request to create a relaxing atmosphere. During a couples massage each partner recieves a full body massage simultaneously,Both experience a healing and rejuvenation treatment with the added value of a shared experience, Call now for a Couples Massage in NY # 212-804-8360.

Sports Massage $100/hr
This massage is ideal for people who have strains, sprains, and other sports-related injuries. Call now for a Sports Massage # 212-804-8360.

Shiatsu Massage $100/hr
A combination of finger pressure and other massage techniques help the body heal itself. Shiatsu massage includes massage with the fingers,thumbs,feet and palms and joint manipulation and mobilization,Call now for a Shiatsu Massage # 212-804-8360.